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Problems such as dull and saggy skin and dehydration arise with aging. Aging and skin issues which are common in many people unfortunately can not be solved fundamentally with superficial approaches.
EBTA works on the inner beautifying strength by stimulating the ear acupuncture points with its original techniques and treatments focusing on face lifting and clearing the dullness of the skin.
There are 220 acupuncture points on the ear, and it is known that the nervous system which beautifies the body from within is concentrated on the ear. In recent years, modern medicine has also conducted studies that indicate close relationships between the ear and whole body. EBTA's distinctive ear acupuncture therapy relaxes the muscles and by applying low level electricity in the vagus nerve, the stimulation of the areas unable to move with one's will activates in helping the strength to beautify from within.



By lifting the cheeks, the corner of the lips appear higher and jaw line looks much sharper.

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